My name is Maya. 


I was born in San Francisco to my parents, Chris Molldrem and Kimberly Spencer.  My brother, Sterling, is four years younger than me and was also a competitive gymnast but now is an awesome, young visual artist. I’ve been doing gymnastics since I was four, and competitive gymnastics since I was six. Unfortunately, I was forced out of the sport due to an injury but moved into diving which has been the best thing for me mentally, emotionally and physically. Currently, I train at Pacific Dive and Gymnastics Academy with my patient coach, Coach Haitao (Todd) Chen and am looking forward to competing with a college team in the near future. 

I am presently an 11th grader at Alhambra High School in California. My favorite subject is English. When I’m not busy with school and dive practice, I love writing stories, especially fictional stories. My favorite part of writing is making up all sorts of different characters.  The main factor of my love for writing (and my crazy imagination) is my love of reading. I love to read fictional stories that are filled with adventure, suspense, and mystery. My favorite series of all is the Lord of the Rings series, and that includes “The Hobbit.”  But I also enjoy historical non fiction and biographies on interesting people, like Stephen King and Mary Lou Retton. 


At the top of the list of my favorite things to do is listening to music. I listen to almost any genre with the exception of heavy metal or country. My favorite artists are Twenty One Pilots, Buttertones, Chase Atlantic, and Michael Jackson. Twenty One Pilots helped me tremendously during my time of depression, so I especially admire them. I also LOVE listening to musicals such as Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, Heathers, and Be More Chill. I always have my earbuds or headphones. They’re probably the one thing that I’ll actually remember to bring walking out of the house or leaving to and from practice. I also love spending my time looking at, or creating, quotes. I have two notebooks dedicated entirely to quotes. They usually make me feel better, as it makes me happy that I find that other people can relate to things that some people in my life may not be able to relate to or even understand. They’re sometimes funny, but always meaningful, and that’s the thing I like most about them.  


I also recently created a site dedicated to mental health support called The Connor Murphy Project, based off of the musical, "Dear Evan Hansen." The mission of this project is to create a safe haven for those who are having a mentally hard time and feel as if they're alone in their pain. It's a place to show that they're not alone, and they can reach out their hand, because eventually, someone will take it.