New Beginnings-Diving in after gymnastics

A little about who I am and all the dives I'm working on today 


2016 Level 10 Uneven Bars

SoCal State Championships

March 18, 2016

2014 Level 9 Season

S. California State AA Champion

Region 1 Regionals 2nd UB

Highest Vault Score: 9.6 State (2nd)

Highest UB Score: 9.65 Regionals (2nd)

Highest BB Score: 9.725 State (1st)

Highest FX Score: 9.50 Regionals

Highest AA: 38.025 State (1st)

2013 Level 8 Season

Region 1 Regionals Vault and AA champion

S. California State Beam champion

Highest Vault Score: 9.5 Regionals (2nd)

Highest UB Score: 9.65 Malibu Coast Challenge

Highest BB Score: 9.825 Legends (1st)

Highest FX Score: 9.65 Legends (1st)

Highest AA: 38.200 Legends (1st)